About The Joy Imperative EP


EleventyFour’s debut EP The Joy Imperative  was released on 11/4/11. It was produced by Steve Lynch at Stellarsound and is available for download from iTunes, Amazon and Spotify. The CD is for sale on Bandcamp where you can order it from anywhere on the planet!

In Ireland you can buy it in:

  • Freebird Records (Secret Book & Record Store, Dublin)
  • Tower Records, Wicklow St (Dublin)
  • Wingnut Records (Galway, Limerick, Waterford)
  • Plug’d Records (Cork)
  • Heartbeat City (Thurles)

Please support your local independent record shop, they are special and important places.

10% of the profits from The Joy Imperative will go to DePaul Ireland


“Warm, and full of heart. A lovely little record.” ★★★★ Swear I’m Not Paul

“… soft folky, upbeat songs with kaleidoscopic melodies on guitar with a voice of kindergarten cheeriness.” Harmless Noise

“… funny sweet little pop songs which are brimming with charm.” 2 U I Bestow

“Eleventy has the ability to bring the magic to every song … A record full of wit, sing-a-long-ability and charm … If The Joy Imperative doesn’t give you a warm and fuzzy feeling, you’re completely dead inside. And we’d get that checked out if we were you.” Pop Culture Monster

“Some songs make you plumb the the depths of your soul, Eleventy will have you plumbing the depths of your smile.” Culch.ie

2 Responses to About The Joy Imperative EP

  1. Great to see Eleventy! Well done young lady:) look forward tithe launch!

  2. KC and the sunshine bandits says:

    I shall spread the word to ur many fans xxx

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