In March I did a shout out for sing-a-longers for the chorus of The Friend Song on my EP The Joy Imperative , I received fab recordings from all these wonderful people. Thank you each and every one for your contribution and vocal chords. And big ups to the incredibly talented Steve Lynch of Stellarsound whose idea it was to organise the sing-a-long in the first place!

Folks, I give you…The Sing-a-longers!!! *raucous applause*

Nick Carswell, Aidan Comerford, John Cummins, Billy Fitzgerald, Sarah Maria Griffin, Sam Jackson, Steve Lynch, Simon MacHale, Sandra McCarthy, Richard McCullough, Aengus Mitchell, Aoife Mulqueen, Ciara O Flynn, Karl Parkinson, Enda Roche, Orla Russell Conway, Kalle Ryan and Noni Stapleton.

You can hear the sing-a-longers doing their thang on The Friend Song here


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