Teepee or not Teepee

Here at Eleventy Towers, I’ve spent the last month dancing around wildly with excitement after being invited to play at this years Electric Picnic festival. I took a little time out from the wild dancing to go and buy a pair of polka dot wellies, because I am so ‘hip to the groove’ and ‘cutting edge’. Outside from the dancing, welly-wearing and some guitar practise, I realised I also needed to do some research into my overnight options. I’ve been to Electric Picnic twice before but have never camped there. In fact there would be a fairly long list of places I haven’t camped. Aside from spending one night in a tent in my auntie’s back garden, my most recent memory of camping is from 10 years ago when me and my friends had to do a spot of impromptu camping at Slane Castle when our van refused to start up after the concert. I slept curled up in a soft guitar case on the bare floor of a scavenged tent. It was pretty intense.

Let’s just say, it’s highly unlikely I’ll ever have one of these hanging above my mantlepiece:

So I’ve been scouting around for the best tents out there, and after perusing the teepees, the marquees and the bivis, I have come up with my Top Three Tents.

Will you, lovely reader, help me choose which one to get?


1. The Tree Tent

I am drawn to the Tree Tent for obvious reasons:

1. It looks like a Zeppelin

2. It would be a key step in finally living out my Swiss Family Robinson dream

3. I could wear caterpillar pyjamas to bed and emerge in a butterfly outfit in the morning.

I do, however, worry about the possibility of swarms of confused wasps trying to get in... 😦

2. The Pirate Ship Tent


  •  Get cool pirate name      
  • Frighten off tent robbers


  • Threat of rival pirate attacks
  • Little or no weatherproofing

3. The VW Campervan Tent

Words fail me.

I can think of no reason not to get this tent. It is perfection. And not just for Electric Picnic either, I may well just live in it forever. You can go on home now, stop reading. I’ve made my choice. Sorry to have wasted your time. Go… live your life! (I’ll be sitting in my magnificent VW tent drinking tea with Jarvis and PJ)

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3 Responses to Teepee or not Teepee

  1. Jagged Visions says:

    Wooow! I think the cocoon tent is the best! Does the pirate ship float as well? That would be a pro. The campervan is nice as well, but why then not just a get a real vw van?

  2. KAYLA says:


  3. EleventyFour says:

    Hi Kayla, I just found the picture online. I’m sure if you search for pirate ship tent, you’ll find it. Good luck me hearty. Yarrrgh.

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