EleventyFour’s EP Sing-a-long!

What kind of friend are you?

An indoor friend, an outdoor friend, a friend who sings along on my EP?

EleventyFour’s debut EP ‘The Joy Imperative’ will be released next month, hooray!

Would you like to sing on it? I would love my friends to help me out! You can hear a rough demo of The Friend Song here. If you have a home studio or good quality recording device you can download the track and record yourself  singing along to all of the choruses. No harmonies please, just your lovely voices as they are.

Email the files (preferably AIFF or WAV)  to eleventyfourmusic@gmail.com before this Saturday March 12th and I’ll pass them on to my wondrously talented producer Mr Steve Lynch.

Thanks in advance for your help, I’m looking forward to hearing you all!



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